Raising red flag over yellow flag iris on Aug. 27

Join the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Greenways Land Trust at the Baikie Island Nature Reserve in a joint event to help remove Yellow Flag Iris (Iris pseudacorus) in the beautiful Campbell River Estuary Aug. 27 at 9 a.m. They will be removing Yellow Flag Iris from the banks of Baikie Island to help the continued restoration efforts in the Nature Reserve.

Yellow Flag Iris has a pretty flower and is widely planted in garden ponds. However, when it escapes into the natural environment it is a rapidly spreading invasive species that displaces native vegetation, and reduces habitat needed for waterfowl and important fish species such as salmon that spawn in the Campbell River.

Bring a snack and enough water to stay hydrated throughout the morning. It is recommended that you bring gloves and wear gumboots and wear a hat for sun protection. GLT will provide the equipment needed to remove Yellow Flag Iris with as little disturbance to the surrounding environment as possible.

Directions to Baikie Island: Take the Inland Island Highway (Number 19) to Campbell River, that road turns into Tamarac Street which crosses over the bridge that spans the Campbell River then turns into the North Island Highway. Turn right onto Robinson Road just after the bridge, the Nature Reserve is located at the end of Robinson Road. There is a small parking lot located just before the barricaded bridge that leads to Baikie Island where they will meet.

For any questions please contact Cynthia Bendickson, Greenways at 250-287-3785 or Katy Fulton, Nature Conservancy of Canada's BC Stewardship office at 250-479-3191 extension 248.

Greenways Land Trust

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