Shoreline cleanup and education partnership targets invasive species


Blackberries are delicious, they just don’t belong here.

That’s what Dionne Lapointe-Bakota, a grade six and seven teacher at L’Ecole Phoenix Middle School, and about 20 of her students were learning about and addressing on Monday afternoon alongside a few members of the Greenways Land Trust.

“This is part of a unit we’re learning about in science on ecosystems,” Laponte-Bakota said after the kids had all gotten to work chopping up the vines that have overtaken that section of brush.

“This is a beach I use as a learning tool quite frequently in my lessons,” she said. “We came down here and did a beach study. We also came down here to participate in a beach cleanup in September.”

Part of Lapointe-Bakota’s grade seven Science course is also about the human impact on ecosystems, she said, and one of those human impacts is the introduction of invasive species. “I’m hoping the kids learn not only about how humans impact ecosystems, but also what we can do to try and reduce and lessen those impacts, as well.”

“It’s a great partnership,” according to Greenways Volunteer Coordinator Libby King. “We’re always looking for more projects like this.”

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Greenways Land Trust

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