If it's not one yellow flower its another...

The sun has shone
The broom is gone
No more yellow in our sight.

Look again and you may see
That we are not yet free
For the yellow-flag has come to fight.
The yellow invasive species Scotch Broom has gone to seed, and we are done cutting it for another year. But there is another yellow flower that is invasive and blooming now. Yellow-Flag Iris. Yellow-flag Iris is an invasive species from the Mediteranean area of Asia, Europe, and Africa. This plant likes boggy, marsh areas and spreads very quickly and aggrasively, making it very difficult for native species to grow. It is very important to control this iris and Greenways Land Trust began working on it last year on Myrt Thompson Trail and Baikie Island. View our publication to see mor details about what this plant is, how we treated it, and what we plan to do in the future!

Greenways Land Trust

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