Mission & Values

Greenways Land Trust is a registered charity and conservation organization that works to enhance the community through creation and management of greenways networks, based on principles of stream and land stewardship. We act as an umbrella organization that works together with local stewardship groups, community organizations and local governments. GLT supports projects that work towards achieving our three program initiatives: Natural Areas Conservation, Community Outreach and Stewardship Resource Centre. We support the activities of stream-keepers and stewards.

Our mission is to restore, sustain and protect natural areas and critical habitats, particularly ecological and recreational greenways, for the benefit of our community.

Operating since 1996, GLT continues to support volunteers, initiate projects and foster partnerships that work towards our goals and mission.

Greenways’ current projects are:

  • Working with schools to provide outdoor service learning opportunities;

  • Managing invasive species;

  • Maintaining trails and running an Adopt-a-Trail volunteer program in the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands;

  • Supporting the many Streamkeepers groups in our area and managing a salmon enhancement project on Haig-Brown Kingfisher Creek; and,

  • Overseeing the Laughing Willow Community Garden

Stewardship Mandate 

 A primary goal of Greenways Land Trust is to support local stewardship groups and individuals and to provide as many resources as possible. Resources include technical expertise, access to computer resources, project administration, and access to information, tools and supplies. This is achieved through cooperation with governments, funding partners and supporters. GLT receives provincial information for workshops, resources and stewardship projects and ideas. Acting as a stewardship resource centre is a core activity that is vital, yet difficult to find funding for.

 There are many active groups in the Campbell River area that volunteer their time to address the needs of sensitive lands and waterways. All groups complied to date are listed in the Stewardship Directory.


Greenways Land Trust

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