Long Term Projects

Urban Forest Management Plan

The term Urban Forest refers to all of the treed landscapes that may be found within a community, including urban centres. Old-growth remnants, backyard fruit trees, urban parks and trail systems, and treed roads are all examples of Urban forests. Healthy urban forests provide increased economic and recreational opportunities, public well being, biodiversity, and a suite of green infrastructure benefits. 

A need for an Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP) for our city was identified and recommended and from this need Greenways Land Trust took the lead, partnering with the city, and getting funding from the Real Estate Foundation of BC to take the first steps in creating an UFMP. The first phase was to complete an inventory documenting the effects and benefits that trees, shrubs, and other vegetation have on our urban environment.  The results of the inventory will provide both support & background for the City’s Urban Forest Management Plan. 
Greenways Loop

The Greenways Loop is a 25km recreational trail around the city of Campbell River. It provides an alternative and accessible transportation route around the perimeter of Campbell River that promotes active lifestyles and improves the overall social health of the community. 

Planning of the loop began in 1997, with the adoption of the City of Campbell River Official Community Plan. In 2009, Greenways Land Trust was appointed project manager for the southern portion of the loop; the Jubilee Connector.

The Jubilee Connector is 2.5km trail along Jubilee Parkway and Highway 19A that links pedestrians into the Greenways Loop and is stage one of completing the loop. Construction began in 2010, completed in Winter 2010 and officially opened and given back to the city in Spring 2011. The building of this trail included restoration through Willow Creek Park, to reduce the human impact on the waterway and making it a fish-friendly trail. 

This stage connects South Dogwood Street to the Campbell River welcome sign, linking new communities along Jubilee Parkway. The second stage is designed and waiting for funding. It will continue from the welcome sign to the current end of the Rotary Seawalk at Maryland Drive. This stage will complete the loop and allow access from all neighbourhoods in Campbell River. 
Myrt Thompson Soil Building

A project is currently underway to improve the soils along the Myrt Thompson trail, in preparation for planting in the fall of 2015.  This project is a partnership between the City of Campbell River, GLT, Renuable Resources, and the Campbell River Indian Band.  The project will be completed in four phases:

  • Phase 1: Deposition of organic material which will be broken down to soil and provide improved shade and water holding abilities.
  • Phase 2: Addition of effective microorganisms and water to help with the breakdown and support the growth of the flora.
  • Phase 3: Fall planting of three layers of native plants: forbs, shrubs and trees.  Mycorrhizal fungi will also be added as a symbiotic partner.
  • Phase 4: Watering with effective microorganisms for the following year as required.

By improving the soil prior to planting, we are hoping to establish native vegetation more quickly, and prevent re-infestation of the site with invasive species.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the project.


Greenways Land Trust

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