Why Adopt?

The purpose of the Adopt a Trail Program is to increase awareness, usage, and appreciation of this trail network within the community. We hope to clean, maintain, and upgrade the existing trails in the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands. Much of the trail work that has been done is done by volunteers, we are making this an opportunity to acknowledge the work that they have done, encourage them to continue their work, and to involve more people in our trails. Trails can represent and provide many benefits to the community. Some of these are:

Health and Well-Being
  • Encourage physical fitness and healthy lifestyle
  • Creates new outdoor recreation and alternative transportation opportunities
  • Connects users with the natural environment and contribute to spiritual and mental well-being
  • Provides a safe alternative to roadways

Social and Cultural

  • Protects culturally and historically valuable areas
  • Fosters community involvement by providing excellent partnership opportunities
  • Provides natural learning grounds
  • Improves community aesthetics
  • Stimulates tourism and recreation related spending
  • Improves property values and marketability of homes
  • Improves the image and attractiveness of the city
  • Preserves associated open spaces
  • Provides an opportunity for increased understanding and appreciation of the natural resources and the protection of those natural resources
  • Improves air quality by providing an alternative to motorized transportation

Greenways Land Trust

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