About the Program

What’s Involved?

  • Inspect the trail
    • Visit the trail on a regular basis
    • Visit after major winds or storm events
  • Maintain the trail
    • The trail should be kept clear from litter/garbage
    • Keep the trail clear of fallen branches – dispose of farther in the bush
    • Basic brushing and pruning at least once a year
  • Report details of your visit
    • During or after each visit fill out an activity log and forward to Greenways Land Trust
    • Hazards, vandalism, and suspicious events to Greenways Land Trust
    • Report all hazards – erosion, sink holes, missing or damaged signs, dangerous or fallen trees, and damaged bridges
    • Invasive plants
    • Vandalism and any dumping activity
    • Any unusual activities on the trail
    • It is NOT your job to enforce people. Report it to GLT and they will take further actions if necessary
    • Provide proper trail etiquette to ensure safety of all users


  • All volunteers will get a short field session going over tasks and expectations before beginning, this an opportunity to have any questions you may have answered

Length of Adoption

  • Minimum of one year
  • After your year you can:
    • Renew (if no other group is interested in the section of trail)
    • Change trail/trail section
    • Terminate


  • Volunteers should have own gloves and garbage bags, all other equipment will be loaned if needed

Standards and Procedures

  • Safety first
  • Complete activity log during or after each visit
  • Fill out first aid form when injured and contact GLT
  • Do not spend your own money anticipating reimbursement from Greenways Land Trust without receiving written approval from GLT

Safety Standards

  • Any persons under 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Work in pairs or teams
  • Report all accidents or injuries to Greenways Land Trust
  • Carry a cell phone and know where you are along the trail in case of emergency
  • Use gloves, or tongs, when picking up garbage
  • Trees, shrubs, plant materials should not be cut or damaged
  • Stay off the trails during storms and adverse weather conditions
  • Wear gloves, safety vest, suitable footwear and appropriately dressed for the weather
  • Carry adequate supply of water

To apply for a trail please fill out an Application Form

The following form must be completed when volunteering in the Adopt a Trail Program

The following form must be filled out in the event of an injury

These forms and additional resources can be found under Adopt-A-Trail Resources.


Greenways Land Trust

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