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Tuesday, May 5, 2015, 03:50 pm
Hi Frogger15 friends! My name is Laurel Sliskovic and this year, I am ‪#‎running‬ the ‪#‎Frogger15‬. Now that Iíve put it out there, Iím really going to do it. Iím new to running Ė Iím an active person; I like walking, and I love riding my bike, but running has never been my thing. But I am a supporter of Greenways Land Trust and the work that they do throughout ‪#‎CampbellRiver‬ to enhance natural spaces for people and wildlife in and around the community, so participating in the Frogger15 is a way for me to get involved in a new activity and contribute to the efforts of Greenways Land Trust...

First things first, I wanted to purchase a pair of good running shoes. Steve @Outdoor Addictions in Campbell River was extremely helpful in fitting me with the right pair of shoes. He asked me lots of questions, I asked him a lot of questions, I tried on three different pairs, ran around the store a few times, then settled on the beauties in the photo below.
The Frogger15 takes place on Saturday, September 19th so I have five months to go from not running at all to running 15km. Over these next five months, Iíll be sharing my progress, details about the Frogger15, tips and inspirations for running, information about Greenways Land Trust, and profiling some of the people involved in this organization. We would like to see this yearís Frogger15 our most well attended and supported Frogger15 yet! If youíre not interested in running 15km on your own, consider joining as a three-person relay team so you can share the experience with your friends.

See you on the trails!


Greenways Land Trust

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