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Wednesday, August 26, 2015, 04:40 pm

Running and playing and summer

Hello ‪#‎frogger15‬ friends and supporters!

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Week 19 August 25, 2015

Running and playing and summer

Hello ‪#‎frogger15‬ friends and supporters!


Thanks for continuing to read the blog. Week 19 of this ‪#‎running‬ training journey. Im still not sure that I can call myself a runner, as Ive seen some people out on the trails and they are definitely running me Im more of a person who can jog and who dabbles in running. I do feel quite strong when Im actually running and I can run faster and further than I could when I started training, but for the most part, Im jogging

Back to what I thought I was going to blog about today, and that is running, playing, and summertime. Im pretty fortunate because I study sustainable leisure, my life revolves around recreation and tourism and quality of life. So I get to play a lot. Over the past few weeks, I have run on Hornby Island (as I detailed in a previous blog); through a state park in Anacortes, Washington; in and around a golf course in Richland, Washington; around Westwood Lake in ‪#‎Nanaimo‬; through the remote village of ‪#‎Quatsino‬ (on Vancouver Island North); and of course, on my home trails in the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands, and Rotary Seawalk in ‪#‎CampbellRiver‬. I feel so blessed to live where I live, and I love and appreciate that I get to travel and play and explore in so many beautiful places close to home. I skipped one of my assigned runs (my apologies to Steve!) when we were traveling through the USA in favour of riding my bike on some amazing trails in Central and Northern Washington. Working up a sweat while on my bike still gets me more fired up than running does, but I know I am so fortunate that I get to do both. And through running and biking, and playing and exploring, I have learned about some great organizations working on preserving and conserving our natural landscapes for the enjoyment of the people and for the betterment of our society.

Next time you are in a new community (or at home), I encourage you to take a few moments to learn about who is helping you access the beauty trails, beaches, or forests where you are. And if you are in a position to do so, donate some dollars, your time, and/or a few words of appreciation to those organizations and people. Thanks to Washington State Parks, Leavenworth Winter Sports Club, Das Rad Haus, and Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition in the USA for the advice, recommendations, trail maps, and/or provision of sweet trails while I was in your country,

Here in Campbell River, Greenways Land Trust facilitates a variety of programs to enhance our local greenspaces. Wed love to see you take part in the Frogger 15 on September 19th as a runner, a volunteer, and/or a community sponsor. And if this event isnt for you, but youre still interested in learning more about Greenways Land Trust, Cynthia and Libby from Greenways would be happy to talk with you

Happy #running! #Frogger15

Greenways Land Trust

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