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Running and playing and summer

Hello ‪#‎frogger15‬ friends and supporters!

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Week 17 Ė August 11, 2015 
Relay teams!!!

Hi ‪#‎Frogger15‬ friends and supporters

This past week I had the absolute pleasure of meeting two of our #Frogger15 relay teams!

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Hi‬ Frogger friends and supporters!This past weekend, I was on Hornby Island, soaking up the sunshine, listening to live music at the Hornby Island Music Festival, eating blackberries, riding my bike, standup paddleboarding, visiting with an amazing friend, and of course, training for the #Frogger15.My Sunday run was prescribed as follows:On soft surface preferably, trail etc...

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Now Iíll be bold
As well as strong
And use my head alongside my heart

From ĎI Will Waití by Mumford & Sons

I love music Ė the lyrics, the beats, the melodies, the songs Ė the way music can enhance my mood, lift me up, or bring me down...

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Hi ‪#‎Frogger15‬ friends & supporters!
Feels good to be back into my training . With just less than 2 months until this year's event, I highly encourage you to sign up (if you haven't already) and get out ‪#‎running‬ . This morning's run in the Beaver Lodge Lands was energizing - soaking in our fresh island air, feeling the strength of my body, marvelling at the greenery of the forest despite the lack of rainfall, and feeling blessed overall that I get to go for a run here and now.
Happy #running! 

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Iím ready to be inspired, she said & I said thatís not quite how it works, so instead we sat in the garden, breathing & watching the bees until she smiled quietly & said, I forget itís that simple.

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Week 11 - June 30, 2015
Hi #‪#‎Frogger15‬ friends and supporters:) I'm not one for using all capital letters very often but today is the final day for EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION for this year's #Frogger15. If you are considering running in the event, commit, and register today. The link is on, the #Frogger15 event page, and And if you know anyone who is even thinking about participating, please share this post and help us promote this ‪#‎community‬event! Thanks:) ‪#‎CampbellRiver‬ ‪#‎VancouverIsland‬ ‪#‎running‬

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Hi ‪#‎Frogger15‬ friends and supporters! This week, I am introducing the Frogger 15 planning committee to all of you. If you have ever planned an event, you are well aware of the time and resources it takes to see a successful event through from start to finish. Linda Nagle, Candice Melton, and Trevor Despins, with guidance from Greenways Land Trust staff Cynthia Bendickson (more on Greenways staff in a later post), have been meeting monthly and putting plans into action since late winter. From the planning committeeís efforts, a large team of volunteers and supporters also donate time and resources to the Frogger 15 to make this a true community initiative.

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This week's ‪#‎Frogger15‬ post is a video!! Fiona and Kelly from Shaw TV Nanaimo came to ‪#‎CampbellRiver‬ to learn all about...

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Hi ‪#‎Frogger15‬ friends and followers!
I hope and trust you are training for the Frogger 15. This week, Iíll be sharing a bit more information on why this fundraiser is so important for residents and visitors of Campbell River, the region, and Vancouver Island. Raising dollars and awareness about Greenways Land Trust, their initiatives and programs, and the Greenways Loop are some of the reasons for hosting the Frogger 15. Below is a description of the Greenways Loop in Campbell River. I recommend taking a stroll, run, or ride along it. If youíre looking for some solo time, the Beaver Lodge Lands, ERT, and Jubilee sections can be quite peaceful; the Seawalk offers spectacular views of Discovery Passage and more of an opportunity to see and interact with residents and visitors; and throughout the Loop, you can find informational signage about the route, the history of the region, and points of interest...

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Greetings ‪#‎Frogger15‬ friends and followers! It has been an exciting week training for the Frogger 15 as I am now officially on a running plan thanks to Steve at Outdoor Addictions. ...

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Thank you to each and every one of you who have offered words of support as I learn to run for my continued health and for Greenways Land Trust and their Frogger 15! The likes and shares thru social and print media are helping to increase awareness about the organization and the event, so thank you and please keep it up!

My first month of running has been fun and challenging (like a lot of the good things in my life, so Iím thinking Iím going to stick with it). Fun because...

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Week 5 Ė May 19, 2015

Hi ‪#‎Frogger15‬ friends and followers! Last week, Greenways Land Trust Volunteer Coordinator, Libby King and I ran some of the Frogger 15 route in the Beaver Lodge Lands. The map below outlines the entire route...

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My registration is complete for the ‪#‎Frogger15‬. Check out for all the details and to register as a solo or relay team. Early bird rates are on until June 30th so I encourage you to register early and start ‪#‎running‬!

I did my first run this weekend Ė I ran for 20 minutes and it was good! Iím on my way. On some of the days that I donít run, Iíll read about running (I just have to remember to run more than I read), so today, in the name of research, I spent some time on Pinterest looking for stories, articles, and tips for getting started. Iím know there are countless resources for runners (feel free to share them here in the comments), so here are a few that I found interesting, motivating, and or inspiring:

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Hi Frogger15 friends! My name is Laurel Sliskovic and this year, I am ‪#‎running‬ the ‪#‎Frogger15‬. Now that Iíve put it out there, Iím really going to do it. Iím new to running Ė Iím an active person; I like walking, and I love riding my bike, but running has never been my thing. But I am a supporter of Greenways Land Trust and the work that they do throughout ‪#‎CampbellRiver‬ to enhance natural spaces for people and wildlife in and around the community, so participating in the Frogger15 is a way for me to get involved in a new activity and contribute to the efforts of Greenways Land Trust...

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